For SIAT the customer is not an impersonal entity bound by a business relationship, but a partner we team up with to meet new challenges in the pursuit of quality and reliability, one with whom we establish a mutual and long-lasting collaboration.

Planning and developing the best solution together, as professionally and accurately as possible, is the point of departure for a successful partnership with a common objective: worry-free production and savings.

This approach means that each generator is unique and customised; it means that the customer is given our full attention, then is accompanied through the design phase right through to the start-up of the equipment in the plant.

All this is widely validated by the hundreds of heat recovery boilers produced over recent years and that now allow customers to save on thousands of TOE (tonnes of oil equivalent).


The quality and safety of our products and our work are recognised and certified to the standards that regulate our industry.

The role of partner SIAT plays with its customers has evolved throughout the years to offer and guarantee full attention to standards of quality and efficiency. All products comply with European directives and are CE certified according to the “PED, Pressure Equipment Directive” (97/23/EC).

The ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications also allow this solid and dynamic Italian company to work side by side with leading companies in the field, proof of SIAT’s increasing focus on achieving the dual objective of product quality and integration of processes in respect for the environment.

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